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We are design a special course to prepare pilots to join airlines. We mixed a course with JOC, CRM, UPRT and preparation concepts to adapt the philosophy of the company into our students. If you want a success career, prepare with us.


In 2013/2014 it was identified that 50% of newly-qualified pilots holding a CPL, frozen ATPL theoretical exams, ME/IR and a standard MCC course fail during initial assessments while applying for a job at a European airline.

These statistics triggered an immediate reaction from the regulatory authorities. It became apparent to both EASA and the industry, in general, that there exists a crucial need for a change to improve the content and output of pilot training so that the EU training process could create ‘Industry Ready Pilots.’

Airline Preparation Program has developed a custom-made course for the company, and has prepared cadet pilots to face not only the assessment, but also to acquire the company's philosophy and be prepared for the type rating and line training course.


Our course have a duration of 2 weeks with theorical and practice parts with airline pilots, Line Training Captains and TRI´s, to prepare and evaluate the core competencies of students. 

Jet Orientation Course (JOC) within the APS MCC

Up to 18 hours of the APS MCC course are dedicated to swept-wing jet aeroplane training and airline operations scenario training. This is a converted and modified Jet Orientation Course (JOC) which is not a part of the standard MCC.

Thus, the aviation training segment lead by the regulatory institutions is working really hard to improve the quality of training, enhance pilots’ competencies and, correspondingly, make the industry even safer.

Safety is the highest priority of all involved in aviation and the goal is for everyone also the same: to make every flight take-off and land safely, as happens more than 126,000 times every day.

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