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"Taking control of your aviation career can be both challenging and exciting. To take advantage of the best opportunities available, it’s important to invest in your education and understanding of the ever changing world of Aviation . Knowledge is key to successful career management. Our team are all airline pilots or previous pilot recruiters and we know the industry well, having personally experienced the ups and downs of this industry over the years. Our mission is to see pilots successfully navigate their way through and to enjoy the benefits of a meaningful Aviation career. All of our products and services have been tailored and designed to ensure you can make impactful career decisions and to be as best prepared for any career opportunity or airline interview process".

Mike Rylko , Airline Pilot

Our products

Ryanair Cadet Preparation

With a growing number of bases and aircraft numbers yearly, the demand for pilots all around Europe is going to go up even higher. That means if you hop onto the train (or rather plane) now, you open yourself to a path of numerous career options that are going to become available for you.

When it comes to your airline pilot interview correct preparation is the key to a successful outcome.  In fact most airlines expect their candidates to be fully prepared for their pilot interviews and this includes interview preparation.

A320 Airline Assessment

The recruitment process is designed to assess your ability to be trained to airline standards and in particular evaluate your ability to recover from errors. No matter how well you performed in your interview you will not be offered a position if your simulator assessment is not to the airlines standards.


First impressions...

"First impressions count. People will form an opinion of you within the first few seconds of meeting you. You want your impression to be a good one as this can have a real impact on how the remainder of the interview goes. For this reason, the preparation is the key". 

Ready for departure...

"Remember, whilst you may be attending an interview for a position as a First Officer, you are really being interviewed for the role of future Captain"

Our simulators

Discover our A320, B737 / 800,  FRASCA 142 TYPE PA31 and UPRT simulators. Improve your skills as a pilot.


Our Boeing 737NG flight simulator is based on the B737-800W (winglet) Next Generation aircraft. The simulator is a fixed based, enclosed B737-800 full cockpit with a 200º visual. 


The A320 FTD is a full cockpit / fully enclosed A320 flight simulator  1/2 with full control loading and visual system.

UPRT 360 Sim

Our special simulator have full motion 360º, and permit real training in UPRT courses to prepare for differents type ratings.

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